Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things We Do

If you say you love anyone, be it someone special or a family member you are proclaiming a duty you have towards them. The duty to put forth their desires before yours; just some responsibility you take on yourself to try keeping them happy always. It is a commitment you’ve made with self and the only one, who checks upon it, is you, leaving no escapes.
So whatever you’re doing is to justify your promise to self, it is about your own satisfaction more than their happiness. Things sometimes turn according to plan while go in the opposite course most of the time; what we do is blame that person when we fail. Truth be told, they are unconcerned of our actions; they had no idea what we have had in store for them all along. How could we possibly blame them then? Plans if known to them change the entire picture but that rarely happens since we all love surprises. So yeah, don’t blame your loved ones for your mistakes.

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