Thursday, April 19, 2012

For the Love of SELF

I don't cheer you up cause of you, it is for me. Yes, I am a very selfish person and the elation in your voice is what brightens my day up. I would go out of the way, be someone I'm not to get you in such spirits; anything to make you sound better.

The love and connection we share is pure and absolute but know it, I'm not here for you neither you're here for me but we're here for our mere selves. We work through stuff for our very existence, not for each other. Accept it or deny it, the only reason we make each other happy is because we want to feel happiness channeling through each other. It keeps us under the illusion that what we're doing is for the love of one another or even sometimes for the love of GOD; remember it always is for the love of self, no one else.

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