Sunday, December 11, 2011

Need You Now

So there is this song 'need you now' by lady antebellum it has topped world's charts so I'm pretty sure you all have heard it or of it.

In the lyrics antebellum at a point says, "I'd rather hurt than feeling nothing at all..." A year ago, I though what crazy thing is this lady talking about! Who wants pain? Hurting is no good, it shatters a person; who wants to be in pain? I knew what pain was, how it left you, how helpless you feel. I even posted a status about it quoting antebellum and disagreeing saying, "I'd rather feel nothing at all than hurt." A passing by angel must have shared my thought with Almighty, who decided to give me taste of what I had asked for.

There have been broken hearts and reunions and even though it has been a year of repetition of history, I can see a drastic change in self. I am not the same person anymore. I'm cold and sensitive at the same time. I can feel others' pain and walk past them without stumbling. I'm not even sure how that's possible, but I guess I'm on the verge of transforming completely into a cold hearted person from a sensitive and caring one. It is sad, awfully sad state that you see your loved ones suffer and you walk past their suffering and you don’t even want to help them out. It makes me feel guilty how could I possibly be so insensitive? Doing all for self but not pausing for an instance to help anybody be it a stranger or beloved. There is emptiness inside; every moment I realize how I don’t feel anything when I should be; the hole deepens reminding that something is missing. 

So yeah, after some experience I agree to what lady antebellum said...

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