Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Friends

                          You see your best friend walk past the hallway flashing you smile but not stopping for an instance, even to ask how you have been; you start to wonder if things are the same or not anymore. Has your friend found some better friend than yourself or did you do something utterly wrong which hurt their feelings? Whose fault is it, the question rambles your mind. But what you can actually do about it, not much though but...You could go up to them and ask if everything is alright, alright in their life, alright in your friendship. This shall lead you to two trails, either they would tell you how busy they’ve been and it has nothing to do with you and start babbling their latest, or they’ll say something is wrong but they don’t really want to talk about it, so you’d have to wish them luck and set off.

                          This was today, but do you know what happens tomorrow? The one who shared that very instant has the same feelings as yesterday leaving things the same as they’ve always been; however, with the friend who didn’t want to talk about it things shall keep on changing, they shall not want to talk to you about anything for a long time and during this whole time for some reason they shall choose to blame you.

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