Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Box of Chocolates

My aunt was coming from abroad for the summer break and as days passed by her upcoming visit to Pakistan became the prior most talk, she asked if we wanted anything from there? Some demanded objects timidly and some liberally. I just asked for one thing, a box of my favourite chocolates, Ferrero Rocher. This is the way it was supposed to be, she was to bring me my favourite chocolates and I was to finish them as soon as they come to my hands. Since it was vacations and almost all of the family had gathered things did not turn out as pre planned.
Living in a joint family sharing is what we have always practiced, but this time when it came to sharing my precious box I simply couldn’t bring my heart about it. I kept it hidden behind all those food containers in the refrigerator saving it from the eyes of all (even my own). Party continued all summer long and through those fun times I very well managed to keep my box of chocolates sealed and intact. Vacations passed sooner than expectations and my university started along with the Holy month of Ramadan. All those months I had almost forgotten about my covertly hidden package. Not long after all folks visiting left; one day I had longing for chocolate.
Now most people believe that those who love sweets can eat them anywhere anytime; which is true in some cases for instance my mother and brother, but it is also true that not all of the sweet lovers desire having sweet all the time. In my experience specifically, though I am an admirer of only certain kind of sweets like puddings, dark chocolate cakes, Boston crème filled doughnuts and nutty chocolates. However, my fondness of them is not greater than the wrath of my mood, if I’m not in the mood, I might not eat any of these. So, coming back to my box of chocolates, as a few of you might have already guessed it ended within a month of its inaugural, for I dare not end my day without giving myself the pleasure of one chocolate or sometimes two. Now I am left with an empty box and God only knows when I’m going to have a chocolate next time, for there is one thing for sure that I’m surely never spending my own money on chocolates or CDs.

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