Friday, February 15, 2013

Worse Than Bad

           When we tell a story we tend to ensure that by the end we're the ones sounding heroic no matter how crude our actions have been. Humans grow (mentally) only when they learn from their mistakes or experiences, if they don't there is no growth. We can hide our mistakes from others but not from ourselves or Almighty Allah, to Whom we are answerable.

Our life is all about the decisions we make. At many points in life we are on the verge of making choices that define us for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we choose the right path and sometimes we end up in very wrong circumstances. One is talked about behind his back in almost every episode of life, how he chooses to react to it is what depicts him. Stupid would that person be, who makes nasty comments about you to your close friends; However, how stupid you are depends on your reaction to it.

Tolerant and patient as I might have seemed can actually be a crack head, if things start off on the wrong foot between us. How you see a person is mostly the way he wants you to, you can never be too sure about knowing anybody. A while back, a supposedly good friend triggered my unruly side, it wasn’t even a big of a deal now that I reflect back on the day, but what I did later was a bigger fault of choices. A few not so true, indecent remarks, which reached my ears swift as lightening.

A reaction was in order, I was to make a choice which shall define me. Back-biting is such a common thing, ignoring is really not that hard, but back then my conceited-self acted like there was no other side to the coin. I became the worst version of myself, letting the cat out of the bag I practically publicized all the stories, his secrets remained secrets no more. The consequences then, whatever they had been seemed very appropriate to me; However, it was all a matter of time until I realized how immoral my actions were. To avenge myself on a lame issue, I had overlooked all my responsibilities. Till this very day I do not regret losing that supposedly friend of mine, what I do regret is err of choices I made then; losing self-control and my character assassination.

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