Sunday, October 30, 2011

True Villian

No heart is as pure as one might believe it to be, evils pertains all. It's really hard to bring your mind about the fact that you could be wrong too. We generally keep on finding reasons to blame others and ignore our own faults. We are so persistent in denying that we even kill the voices in our hearts which try stopping us; how can we even accept such a thought from the mouth of others when we wouldn't even let our hearts say to us. It is sad and it happens all the time, in no matter what situation we are we consider ourselves as the innocent victim of all the atrocities of the world. It never occurs to us that someone is being tortured and hurt because of us, we could be the villain as well. Why can't we see beyond our petty selves? Why do we always start considering ourselves the victim without thinking twice? This way nobody ever sees their mistakes, they continue their walk of life believing they are a victim of this cruel world and do not change their belief of others, not giving them a chance a they deserve.

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